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Community Guidelines

Welcome to Magnolia Pearl Trade! We are pleased you have chosen to engage in this venture, and we welcome your unique perspective and storied offerings! In all Magnolia Pearl’s endeavors, we are committed to practices that inspire a felt sense of mutual respect, honest communication and authentic connection. Magnolia Pearl Trade aims to extend these ideals in a profound way through a community of positivity and inspiration. Please help us expand this intention by observing the basic practices outlined here:

Upon registration to Magnolia Pearl Trade you agree to following these rules/guidelines. Staff can and will use their own judgement when deciding on which actions are best suited to any given user.

We reserve the right to change or modify these rules at any given time with or without reason. We also reserve the right to remove you from our website without warning and/or reason, however, a reason will generally be provided and you may ask for one if you are concerned.

If you see any violations, PLEASE let us know by using the “Report” function on any listing or MP Trader.

You can also send us an email at Still have questions about what is permitted on MP Trade? We'd love to hear from you. After all, we're here to help!

Magnolia Pearl Trade Team

  • Kindness

    The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

    • As a continuation of the spirit in which each Magnolia Pearl garment is created, Magnolia Pearl Trade aspires to be a safe space for all involved.
    • We ask that the exchange of goods, ideas and sentiments that occur on this platform maintain a tone of decency and cooperation at all levels.
    • We have a zero tolerance policy for engaging in hate speech and bullying; content that is abusive, threatening, violent, libelous or invasive of others’ privacy; racial or ethnic slurs or personal affronts to another’s gender expression.
    • We ask that if you encounter such inappropriate behavior to please not engage and, instead, contact us immediately.
    • Failure to adhere to the guidelines listed above will result in action taken by Magnolia Pearl Trade in regards to one’s account access and privileges.

  • Integrity

    The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; the state of being whole and undivided.

    While Magnolia Pearl encourages the personal and professional growth of all, Magnolia Pearl Trade is not a platform for extensive self-promotion or solicitation. You are welcome to sell your items for whatever reason you choose and share the details of your creative endeavors and aspirations in building a narrative around your listings. However, soliciting personal business or financial donations, spamming other MP Trade Sellers with promotional materials and/or advertising a third-party site will not be tolerated.

    I. Please do not attempt to collect or give out personal promotional information through Magnolia Pearl Trade & do not post anything on MP Trade that creates a privacy or security risk for anyone. This includes screenshots of private communications or personal information.

    II. Magnolia Pearl Trade Sellers may only have one account at a time unless you receive written permission from Magnolia Pearl, LLC.

    III. Make sure that you have the rights to sell any items you list on Magnolia Pearl Trade. Don't list anything that does not belong to you or that may violate any state or federal laws.

    IV. Please don't buy or sell any goods or services through Magnolia Pearl Trade other than Authentic Magnolia Pearl Items. Any items other than Authentic Magnolia Pearl will not be approved and the Seller’s account may be suspended upon review or upon multiple violations. Not only is the sale of counterfeits and unauthorized replicas of branded products prohibited on Magnolia Pearl Trade, but it is also illegal. Any suspected sales of counterfeit items will be immediately removed and the Seller’s account may be suspended.

    V. The MP Trade name and logos are trademarked and may only be used with prior written permission from Magnolia Pearl, LLC.

    VI. Do not use programs or other forms of automation to participate on MP Trade. This includes, but is not limited to liking, sharing, following, and unfollowing.

    VII. You also may not use any images found on MP Trade for your own purposes unless authorized by MP Trade. The exception to this is your own content.

  • Communication

    The imparting or exchanging of information or news through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior.

    Magnolia Pearl Trade values your voice. Never hesitate to contact us with your ideas or concerns; we sincerely want to hear from you. Whether regarding issues with a seller or garment, general business practices or something more personal, we are here to listen and professionally address and resolve, if we may, any matters you may encounter throughout your Magnolia Pearl Trade experience. Please do not try to resolve situations with other Buyers/Sellers on your own.

    Regarding communication between Buyers and Sellers:

    I. We ask that you observe the tone and level of intimacy discussed in these Guidelines, as well as adherence to general business decorum in matters such as shipping, etc

    II. We emphasize the importance of Buyers and Sellers thoroughly communicating before, during & after each and every transaction. As a Buyer, if you have any questions regarding the garment that are not addressed in the listing, please communicate with the Seller before purchasing so you know what to expect. As a Seller, efficient and friendly communication with Buyers may lead to further sales.

    III. Once you accept an offer from a Buyer, it is your responsibility to complete the sale. (Once the Buyer has clicked the “Buy Now” button & successfully submitted payment/shipping information, the Seller is expected to ship the item purchased.) Please be prompt with all correspondence, confirming package receipt/delivery as well as providing all tracking information. We all understand that issues with shipping may arise, but canceled or incomplete transactions create confusion and foster distrust. Please be courteous and respectful in the process of fulfilling transactions, and keep the other party informed of any issues that may arise.

    IV. As a Seller, you must ship the purchased item to your buyer using the prepaid Priority mail shipping label provided by Magnolia Pearl Trade within five (5) days after receiving the shipping label. Most sellers ship within two (2) days.

    V. As a Buyer, you must confirm that you've received and reviewed your purchase within three (3) days after delivery. If you do not do so within three (3) days, the order will be accepted on your behalf automatically and the funds will be released to the Seller.

  • Expression

    The process of making known one's thoughts or feelings

    We ask that each Magnolia Pearl Trader adhere to a level of professionalism and engage their unique creativity in crafting their listings. Approach your listings with an artful eye, from a stance of respect to others. Some things to consider:

    I. Use the best lighting you can to accentuate the garment’s condition and fit. We encourage images of the garment worn on a person or bodyform, plus we find that styling/modeling your item helps it sell more quickly! If photographed flat or on a hanger, we suggest various, precise focal points to highlight details.

    II. Please refrain from excessive post-editing techniques such as intense filters that jeopardize the original hue or texture of the piece, heavy special effects or collages. [See FAQ section for more information.].

    III. Please observe photography permissions: Do not use images that you do not have rights to/do not belong to you. Please do not post anything that poses a privacy or security risk, including images of children or of individuals that you have not been given prior consent to publish.

    IV. We at Magnolia Pearl celebrate the human form in its myriad expression, but we ask that Magnolia Pearl Traders refrain from posting images that may be considered lewd, obscene or pornographic in nature.

    V. Feel free to be poetic, but please always be precise in your item descriptions. In plain language, list thorough details including measurements (more details in our FAQ section). This reduces the risk of Seller/Buyer disputes, as well as builds confidence in all your listings.

    VI. Sellers may use Magnolia Pearl’s professionally shot images for reference, but are required to post at least one clear image of the actual product being sold.

  • Community

    A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

    A major aim of MP Trade is to establish a platform where fellow Magnolia Pearl enthusiasts can start a rapport based around inclusivity and enthusiasm. We hope that each MP Trade Buyer and Seller feels safe, secure and supported throughout their experience. To that end:

    I. We all love hearing the heart of a garment, and we encourage Magnolia Pearl Trade Sellers to contribute their listings’ history, if preferred. Please do so in a succinct and secure way—in the spirit of kindness and within the boundaries of privacy.

    II. Magnolia Pearl Trade has no jurisdiction over exchanges that occur outside of the Magnolia Pearl Trade platform. Taking any part of a transaction, including discussion about details or negotiations, off the Magnolia Pearl Trade platform is a violation of our rules.

    III. Our “MP Trade Protect” policy does not cover trades within the system (for a more thorough definition of Trading v. Buying/Selling, click here). When payment for the full value of items is not fulfilled through the MP Trade system, we cannot guarantee that both parties will ship their items to each other in the manner stated or expected. Trading is based on an honor system and is difficult for us to reinforce. For this reason, we discourage users from trading on MP Trade so that we can provide users with the protection that they deserve.

    IV. We ask that you do not share your email address, or any other personal information, on our platform and keep all transactions on MP Trade.

    V. At this time, it is against our policies to conduct your own giveaways, contests, or sweepstakes on the MP Trade platform.

    VI. Please respect the privacy of others. If you are approached by another Magnolia Pearl Trade Seller on the platform in a manner that feels solicitous or unsafe, please send us an email ( about it right away and we would be happy to look further into the matter and take the appropriate actions.

    VII. NO CLOSED GROUPS: Comport group activities in a spirit of inclusivity - forming and participating in groups or subsections within the Magnolia Pearl Trade community at large, where members must be approved or meet certain criteria, is not condoned.

  • Commitment

    The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

    Magnolia Pearl Trade is committed to the same level of comportment as outlined above. All queries and concerns will be addressed with expediency and fairness. We will never compromise your personal information, and we will not withstand entities that attempt to do the same. To the best of our ability, Magnolia Pearl Trade pledges to ensure a safe, generative and encouraging virtual space for all who visit.

  • Penalties

    Should we find your account to be in violation of any of the above, the MP Trade team will contact you via email or, based on the severity and evidence of accusations, take permanent or temporary action on your account privileges.

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